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Boise Investment Banking

If you need capital or require other strategies to meet your growth expectations, Valtrend can help you get there.

  • Capital raises
  • Private placements
  • Roll-ups
  • Spin-outs
  • Pitchbook/Financial projections
  • Deal structure/negotiations

Valtrend and its members have worked with Main Street and Middle Market business owners who are contemplating a sale or seeking merger and acquisition opportunities. We assist owners in all areas of stock or asset sales, mergers, or divestitures. Our highly experienced members provide insight and strategies on such matters as:

  • When is the right time to sell?
  • Should all or part of the business be sold?
  • Is the company ready for sale, or should the focus be on building value for a future sale?

For most business owners the sale or other transition of their business is the single most important, and perhaps the largest, financial event that occurs in their lifetime. Most business owners do not have an exit strategy. Selling at the wrong time or without the right information can substantially lower the value of the business.

Valtrendís M&A/valuation insights help bring the right people together with the right information at the right time so all can achieve their personal goals.

Mergers & Acquisitions Services:

  • Strategic acquisitions
  • Management buyouts
  • Divestiture strategies
  • Valuing, structuring & negotiating transactions
  • Preparation of selling memoranda
  • Coordinating closing related activity
  • Identify potential buyers and acquisition targets

Please contact Valtrend in Boise, Idaho if you encounter any of these investment banking needs. The Valtrend team will be glad to discuss your situation to see if we can be of assistance. For more information about the M&A process, please see "Valtrend's M&A Philosophy" page.